Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nerf War

On New Years Day we met up with friends for a nerf gun war. This meant we had to stop by Walmart and load our shopping cart with nerf guns and ammo. It looked like we were hoarding weapons in fear that gun control laws would soon trickle down to include sponge darts and plastic weapons. Here are some chaotic scenes from our 4 ten minute rounds of nerf battles. (Nerf is used loosely, most of the Transue weapons are of a generic nature)

The first three are some mid-war Megan dancing in a sea of spent (yet reuseable) nerf rounds.

Megan and Ceili Rain preparing

More preparations

Mr. Mark holding what Laura named the babeee gun (bee bee gun) (Malachi)

Liam, perhaps one of the fiercest competitors

Laura attempting to sneak up on the enemy. Not obvious at all!

Laura is standing on the piano bench, rallying the kids before the Kids vs. Adults round.

She carries a purse into battle to store her ammo.

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Location:Grovetown, GA