Friday, April 30, 2010

Sledding with the Cousins Dec 2009

So soon after my last post we headed North to my hometown of Rochester, NY to spend time with family. I had dreaded memories of that trip from the previous year. We were driving our 18 hour drive. I was 6 months pregnant with Megan, James was about 8 months old. While we enjoyed time with family on that trip, we also endured a stomach virus that hit just about everyone, and James was blessed with a strong cough, an ear infection, and was teething his top four front teeth at the same time. So I figured THIS trip had to be better than that trip, and fortunately it was . . .BIG TIME!

We got enough snow to let the kids play, here are some clips of them sledding in the perfectly sized hill in front of my brother Mark's and his wife Nan's house. Laura and Jack love spending time with Will and Drew. Cousin time is always the best.

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