Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kids Dancing in Living Room

Here are the kids performing in our living room to what I believe is Webkinz music from the computer. (It is not my favorite Webkinz song, which is Mustache Louie, in case you were wondering)

There are some cute interactions including James helping Meggie with her sippy cup. Grandma Transue is on the opposite couch either taking pictures or recording, the big light behind her is not "the light" of the promised land, just sunlight from the bay window. I didn't want to not record this fun moment due to some inconvenient lighting.


  1. These are lovely children. But then would you expect Pop-pop to say anything else?

  2. Are those pictures I see hanging on your wall? Family pictures? After you've been in your new house for what? 3 weeks? I've lived in my house for 5 years and STILL do not have family pics hanging up! They are all still in the attic:(

  3. Holly, credit for picture hanging goes mostly to my husband, the pace of unpacking can be credited to him as well. I will hire him out to you the next time he is in town!