Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby Watch Trip

My friend Abbie is due . . .past due . . .with her #6 Baby Bryant. Today she is going to be induced. The Transue clan took a trip down to GA to be there when he was born. Unfortunately he did not come a bit early, he didn't come on time, and he didn't come slightly late. But we sure did try. We arrived Monday afternoon. We left early Thursday morning. In the meantime we:

1. Managed 9 kids (or tried to)
2. Went to Monkey Joes (woo hoo for our miltary discount!!)
3. Tie Dyed Tshirts (fun, thank goodness for soft scrub with bleach)
4. Visited the YMCA pool (on a hot GA July afternoon)
5. Watched Jelly Telly
6. Took what we hoped would be a labor producing trip to JoAnns and Target
7. Ate Chineese Buffet
8. Fed children, bathed children, enjoyed children

Alas, she remained pregnant and I think we wore her and her family out. She said it helped pass the time, I am sure it did!

Sleeping arrangements

Group Pic the day we left (more on this to follow)

note tie dyed tshirts worn by some . . .

How super dads unwind after a busy day of work and kids

P.S. You can click on Abbie's link and follow her labor today . . .if you are interested. She is live blogging today (valid only on 7/23/2010)

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