Saturday, September 15, 2012

American Girl Doll Party

Laura had an American Girl Doll themed Birthday celebration with a few of her friends.

Lou just ate a piece of Paula Dean Red Velvet Pound Cake, and is now napping to recover. He is what I am looking at as I post this blog.

Here is the mandatory sharing of deepest, darkest secrets. I believe it is a prerequisite for any 9-10 year old girl party. I am sure their secrets are indeed very dark and deep!

We had doll sized food. Mini club crackers, baby goldfish, cheese cubes and pepperoni. The dolls did not actually eat, and in fact I heard one party-goer yell not to even let the food touch the Doll's face! It could RUIN THEIR SKIN!

Laura had a good time with her friends, and I think the dolls had a good time too.

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