Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Four Wheelin', Pickup Truck Drivin' and Rollin' with the Bovines

Over Labor Day weekend (2010, I'm not THAT far behind in blogging) we went to visit my brother John Pat (John for those who met him in the early 1990's and beyond), his wife Heidi, and their two (soon to be three) children Kevin and Lauren. They live in northern Wisconsin, a mere 15 hour drive from our current homestead in KY.

One of our fun adventures was a trip to Heidi's parents' farm. Heidi's dad is a very industrious farmer. We toured the cow pastures and saw the ponds he made for trapping muskrats. He even has a Christmas tree farm that he started years ago. We loaded up in the truck, John (my John, known as Jay to most people who met him prior to the mid 1990's) rode the four wheeler through the pastures.

Here are Laura and Kevin on the four wheeler . . .Jack really enjoyed the adventure more than he appears in this picture.

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