Thursday, October 28, 2010

Now THAT's A Garden!!!!

While visiting the extended fam in Wisconsin, we got a tour of their garden. I say "tour", because you need a tour. It's not like my garden that you can just kinda point at and say, "Look, there's my garden" and people can nod casually in it's general direction, and move on, their lives unaffected.

Here Lauren, Jack, and Laura were helping Aunt Heidi pick pole beans, they were yummy to eat later.

That's Kevin, haulin' the beans . . .He's a big strong boy, a tad bit older than James, he is too OLD to be called adorable, but he sure is a super sweet kid! We enjoyed talking with him, and James had some fun playing with him!

This is my niece Lauren. She is absolutely adorable. Aside from being as cute as a button, she is sweet and says lots of fun words, like my Mom and Dad's favorite "Bratwurst". While we were visiting, Megan was still in her wild hair phase, but since I have cut her some bangs and her hair heads south instead of north, she and Lauren look a lot more like cousins.

My brother picking beans with his daughter. Sure, I should have flipped the picture, but I thought you might be impressed by his ability to stand horizontally. It is just one of his many talents!

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