Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our Doggie

I don't know how often our dog has made it into the blog, but this is a picture that needs sharing. This is our dog. This is our beagle dog. This is our old beagle dog. This is our old, chubby, beagle dog. His name is Lou. When we were newly weds we adopted Lou from one of my coworkers who was moving to Florida. John wanted to name him "Lee" or "Jeb" but we finally settled on Lou. Later I came to find out that there is a beagle dog in the movie "All Dogs Go To Heaven" that is named Lou, but it is short for Loser. Nice.

As Lou grew he transformed from a wild and crazy puppy into the couch potato you see below. He has had a knee surgery and we know he suffers from arthritis. It does not stop him from hanging around the table or following toddlers with pop tarts to try to get some extra nourishment.

And when he sleeps like this, he snores. But we love him!

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