Wednesday, December 26, 2012

On The Road Again

On the road, again! We decided to head out of Dodge (Dillsburg, PA) a bit earlier than originally planned due to the threat of a massive snowy wintry-mix storm headed towards the Northeast. So, the day after Christmas we pulled the children out of bed at 0445 (that is AM for all you non-military types) and made our pre-planned departure time of 0500. By pre-planned I mean at about 10 pm the night before Hubby and I discussed what time we hoped to leave by.

We fought our way through some wintery weather which was much more wintery than forecasters had forecasted. But thanks to lots of prayers and the smartphone radar maps, we made it safely to a McDonalds in Blacksburg, VA and waited out the last of the storm to pass through the rest of the way.

Later on I snapped these photos of the kids. Megan is wearing her Doctor scrubs which were part of a present from Auntie Beth. She wore them yesterday and slept in them. I am sure we got some looks as we dined at not-so-upscale fast food establishments along I-81, but I think she looks cute.

And silly face Megan. . .

Laura wanted a picture taken too

But Jack did not!

Neither did James.

John and I look too scary to be photographed after our mid morning travels through the northeast. Trust me.

Happy Trails to you, until we meet again!

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