Monday, December 31, 2012


Those who know me pretty well know that I say I am a "Redskins fan by marriage". Before I was married I would occasionally watch football. I lost love for the sport after growing up on the 80's in Upstate NY, cheering on the Buffalo Bills, being disappointed year after year. If you were a part of that era, you understand.

After falling in love and marrying my husband, I knew that I should embrace this football thing once again. Ya know, sharing common interests is important. I was assured that the Redskins were fan worthy, that they were at one time a pretty spectacular team, and that "This year we have a great new ______________ (coach, quarterback, pair of awesome receivers, nifty uniforms), so this year should be great.

By mid season, and about 300 yellow flags that had flown against the skins, our cheering would turn into hopes for a good draft pick.

This year started off with the usual excitement, and by a few games into the season I was just content to have games that were respectable. Even the early losses were not completely self destructive, so I was pleased.

I would like to thank the Redskins for winning and entering the playoffs on my husband's 38th birthday. He has been such a loyal fan all these years!

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