Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Disney . . .Party of 15

We went to Disney World in June with Grandma and Grandpa Transue, Grandma and Grandpa Dudley, Auntie Beth, Uncle Mark, Aunt Nan, Will and Drew. Since Jay and I had to keep track of the four kids, we found that we had to rely on others to take pictures. Fortunately we didn't have too much to worry about:

Here are some moments from my Sister-In-Law's camera . . .

The cousins . . .(well, the potty trained ones anyways)

Compared to our last trip in 2007

Laura and her cousin Will

Jack and Laura having fun

Laura brought her "Cinderella" doll into the park one day

Laura and Minnie Mouse

Compared to 2007

And just so you know that we didn't leave the babies behind, here are James and Megan

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