Thursday, July 30, 2009

When Boredom Meets Frugality

I didn't really want to leave the house today, and we were waiting for the cable guy to come fix the Internet and the phone, and Laura wanted bangs, and I have this hair clipper thing . . .

James (he now has a very neatly trimmed head of what you might imagine to be hair)

Jack (too shy to take before or after pictures, and I seriously could have done a better job on him, but he was a little grumpy),

Laura (who unlike her brother loved her haircut experience, was thrilled to take as many pictures as my media card would hold, and spoke about all the joy her new bangs have added to her life for hours afterward)

Apparently, bangs make you look prettier in dresses. They feel funny on your face at first. I told her that, like her mama, she has a cowlick on the front of her hair line. She says she likes it because her hair "looks like there is an Indian Hut in the middle, and I love Indians!"

If your name is Zoe, you are not supposed to see this post so that Laura can surprise you with her new bangs on Sunday. If you happen to see it, act surprised on Sunday.

Plus I always thought the coolest job in the world was getting to sweep up the hair after haircuts at the salon. (The other cool job being the one to stamp the "due date" onto the library book cards.)

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