Sunday, October 23, 2011

Megan's Goose Egg

Megan fell down the (13) stairs onto the (hardwood) floor, and got a big 'ole goose egg bump on her head. We took her to the ER and THEN took a picture of her. Amazingly, it looks a lot better here than it did at first.

I brought along one of her new dolls, and it was a good thing because the doctor would first examine the baby, and then examine Megan, it worked out well. The baby got a bandaid, and so did Megan.

Afterwards Megan took good care of her baby, let her lay down, and put both siderails up on the gurney . . .very important for patient safety!

She was diagnosed with a concussion, but promptly discharged with precautions. We have been learning about Anatomy in homeschool-land, and discovering the amazing way that God made us. I think it is awesome that the part of the head the kids hit the most (the front) is also the strongest part of the skull (good thing). Praise God she was all right after such a fall!

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