Monday, September 14, 2009

Fantasy Football Anyone?

There was a time when I was growing up that I was highly annoyed with football. At our house during football season a couple of our 5 channels (8,10,13,21,31) were overrun by football games. There was the pregame, the game, the post-game talks. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. All day Sunday, and then Monday Nights too. What was a 10yo girl to do?

Then I got married to a Redskins fan. I often tell people I am a Redskins fan by marriage. It beats my history of a Buffalo Bills fan in the 80's, but it is not always an easy row to hoe.

So I learned to love football because, well, my husband loves football. And love it now I do. So much so that the last few years I have even participated in a Fantasy Football League . . .one of the harmless ones at (My precious sewing time this evening was even interrupted by a very fascinating end to the first Monday night football game. I had the pleasure of "watching it" with my husband since we were talking on the phone and watching the end together)((yes, my husband was out of town and I still chose to watch the game)) (((even though I have an unviewed Dr. Phil on my TIVO)))

And this week, (yes, I am about to brag) I had the fortunate selections of Tom Brady and the Eagles Defensive team on my roster. Cha Ching. So I . . .that 10 yo girl who dreaded football, married a football fan, and toight became the high scorer in her league.

*takes bow* *soaks in applause and admiration*

It's okay if you aren't really applauding, I can still hear it happening in my head.


  1. Hi,

    I couldn't find a way to contact you so I am leaving a comment here. I am thinking about trying your workbox idea with my 9 year old but was wondering how it was working for you. Please share.

  2. Hi Michelle,

    We like our workboxes a lot. We tend to do our school in different places around the house. The box is easily transportable. Plus, the kids know where to put their books when they are done. All of their books are in one spot. I can load their folders with worksheets and extra things (my 5yo son likes the Kumon tracing and cutting workbook sheets) I will try to post about the "workboxes revisited".