Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's another Monday, and another opportunity for not me Monday . . . the fun activity over at what is now Jennifer has had a few changes in her life, and a new web address is one of them.

Let me think . . .

That certainly was NOT me that you heard reply "wonderful" in a cheerful rather than sarcastic tone on Friday night. I was talking with work, how could I sound so cheery. I certainly was not looking forward to a kid free drive to work a four hour shift. Nope, not me, I would never view four hours of work with such happy thoughts.

This morning I was NOT in a scurry to change the babies out of their clothes from yesterday. No matter how late I come home from Sunday night church, I ALWAYS have time to get the children properly prepared for night time slumber. Even if my husband is out of town.

I certainly did NOT forget to serve the children any sort of snack or dinner before the One Month to Live Bible Study and AWANA activities last night at church. And I did NOT offer them microwaved popcorn at 8:15 pm to compensate and fill their empty tummys. (No babies were fed popcorn, just in case you were wondering how NOT ME of a Monday this actually is)

But we have another week, with what I am sure will be filled with imperfect parenting moments.

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