Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A pretty great homeschooling day

Today . . .

Jack has showed me his beginning reading skills. He is mastering those all important words like "cat", "sat", and "the" I am thrilled to pieces. When I tried to teach Laura to read, the efforts were not as successful. I am now convinced that she *just wasn't ready* If you have a chance to see how well she reads now, it is obvious.

Laura sat down and did her math homework without drama. Guess what. She does math pretty well when there is no drama. I was shocked at how fast she flew through problems that usually leave her (and me as well) in a pile of frustration.

There was almost a really cute moment this morning on our way to homeschool kardio kids at the YMCA. Laura and Jack were walking hand in hand, a complete moment of sibling friendship, until Laura started going too fast and ultimately ended up dragging Jack behind her on the cement. It was a wonderful 5 seconds while it lasted!

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