Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Okay, so it took a while for me to post this . . .soon after John got home we were visited by a mysterious illness that put a few of us out of commission for a few days. Here is a video of the kids picking up Daddy. I kept it as a surprise. I told them we had to go pick something up before their piano lessons:

Laura: Is it something for homeschool or something for play?

Mom: Both

Laura: Is it something new or something used?

Mom: Used :)

When we drove into the airport

Laura: "Isn't this the place where we are going to go when we pick up Daddy?"

Mom: Yep

Laura: Well then what are we doing here?

Mom: Picking up Daddy

(round of cheers from everyone except the baby, although I think James was just clapping because the older kids were)

Megan is not pictured because she was Baby Bjorned to me.

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