Monday, October 5, 2009

As We Sew, So Shall We Reap

So my friend and I have started renewing our interests in sewing. I feel like I should force my kids into cute matching outfits for as long as I can. I am quite certain when they are 18, 17, 12 and 11 they won't think its cool for Mom to sew them coordinating church clothes.

My friend made her boys some shirts from designs on the material, they were adorable. I recycled the Easter shirts for my boys.

For the picture, the three on the far right are mine, plus the other baby being held. The others belong to someone else, although a couple try to follow me out of the YMCA on occasion.

The older girls were much more into the photo shoot than the youngers . . . but we tried to get all four girls in their outfits in one picture . . .

and we tried . . .

So we finally just put the baby girls where they both can sit down (Megan is a little more sitting challenged at this age than CR)

and got the mandatory two babies crying pose that we know was the best we could do.

I know one day the kids will look back with fond memories, secretly wishing they could wear coordinating clothes forever . . .


  1. no doubt they will secretly wish for coordinated clothes for life. I'll look forward to the mid-20s look!! :-)

    great pics... so glad you were able to do this!

  2. Yeah, at my funeral can you make sure my kids have nicely coordinated outfits and accessories? Thanks.