Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Faves TV

Missy at It's Almost Naptime is interested (or pretends to be interested) in our favorite things, so she captains Friday Faves . . .

This week . . .TV SHOWS

Now I have always been a TV fan. My childhood memories contain fond ones of Saturday Morning cartoons with my siblings, huddled around what was probably a 13 inch black and white TV. We watched such classics as "Tom Swift" and "George of the Jungle". I think "Speedracer" was one of them. As I grew up, the family would enjoy the once a year specials . . .Charlie Brown as he celebrated all the holidays, Wizard of Oz, and The Sound of Music. We got to stay up late, and enjoy popcorn from my Dad's air corn popper. It had this neat little compartment in the side that melted butter, and it would run long enough to fill eight bowls of popcorn over and over again.

My TV watching was limited, we did not have cable, and we did not watch anything that our parents had not pre-authorized. I felt like the only pre-teen girl in the world who was forbidden to watch "Facts of Life", but looking back, I wouldn't have let me watch it either. We did however, have the green light to watch the "Cosby Show" and "Family Ties". Thursday nights were great family time as we huddled around the slightly bigger color TV to enjoy the family favorites.

But, this is not what Missy wants to know about. And you probably didn't either.

Some of my current faves are:

The Office It has a type of humor that is usually up my alley.

My husband and I are fans of reality TV . . .Mostly Amazing RaceWe rarely miss one of those. We were die hard Survivor fans, but usually now we don't get too interested in it until the end of the season.

And, I should admit our biggest personality flaw. Worse than The Office, worse than reality TV, is our love for Chuck We wondered the other night when the new fall season was going to start. I jumped up off the couch and googled it. I think we shed a few tears as we discoverd the new season would not start until March 2010. Sigh . . .

And I had to come back to add "Say Yes to the Dress" on TLC Friday nights. I don't know why, but I do love this show. Perhaps its the people who think it is perfectly acceptable to blow what would be a nice down payment for a house on a dress.

And my other TLC fave, the Duggars on 18 (soon to be 19) Kids and Counting.

There are probably more, TV was a great friend of mine during the many sleepless nights of newborn-at-home time. With Laura I would hear her cry, look at the clock, and know what show I would get to watch as I fed her. Good think I am a fan of most cheesy, second rate sit coms of the 90's!

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