Sunday, October 18, 2009



Well, yes, it has been more than a week since my last post . . .but it has been an interesting week. Things that happened this week:

1. James was stricken with strep throat. James does not react well to strep throat. So James went to the doctor and got Penicillin.

2. James is allergic to Penicillin. Or at least that is what I think caused the rash on his body. So James is not on Penicillin anymore.

3. The Wal Mart "greeter" that I am used to seeing on my Monday morning shopping trips looks a lot different on Friday night at midnight. The kind gray-haired lady with a smile on her face transforms into a 6'3" bald headed "bouncer". He stands not to greet you, but to stare at you as you approach the store.

5. I got to deliver a baby at work. Everything went really well, and that made it a fun shift for me. I don't know how many babies I have delivered without doctors there at this point, but it is probably double digits at this point.

6. Laura has such a kind heart. When we went to Target to spend her birthday money she found a horse for her dolls that she loved. Then she let her brother pick out a toy with her left over money. Isn't that sweet?

7. Laura is wearing size 3 sneakers. Size three sneakers make her look so old to me. A lot of my friends had a hard time when their kids went to Pre K, or to Kindergarten, or their first sleep over. Not me, she did not seem old to me until she came home yesterday wearing those size 3 sneakers.

Well, that is a quick run down. We had a really rainy week and I hope next week will be better weather wise.

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