Monday, August 10, 2009

A Few Hours of Chaos

Ahhh, Yesterday . . .

It started as a wonderful Saturday, the weather was nice, we had a relaxing day ahead of us. One of my friends (more so the husband of one of my friends) was displaying such generosity as he mowed our yard for us while my husband is *out of town*

Later on, after we got back from some errand running it got to be about time for me to start thinking about the possibility of being called in to work. My work schedule is such that I call at 5pm to see if they need me from 7p-7a. If they don't need me right away then I am placed on call.

Well, usually around 3 pm things start getting a little pressure-cooker-like for me. I am afraid that sometimes that anxiety rubs off on the kids.

It started off simply enough. James (1 yo) bumped his mouth on something. I didn't see what it was, but most likely a kitchen chair. He had a little blood, but it wiped away well enough. A few moments later Laura, seeing her little brother with a bit more bleeding, went to pick him up, "So that he could bleed on my shirt instead of the floor" (very thoughtful). Now Laura is a strong girl, and she has demonstrated many times that she is capable of picking James up, but this time she lost her balance and fell over. James landed on top of her (she was kind enough to cushion his fall) She, however hit her wrist on the bookshelf, and James apparently hit his nose on the same area. She was in enough pain that I considered taking her to the ER. (If anyone knows me, that is a big deal. I once let Laura get pneumonia when she was 3 because I figured that fever would go away eventually . . .)

When I called work and they didn't need me, I then asked our babysitter to come anyways so that I could cart Laura to the ER. (She said, "It really hurts here Mom", as she pointed to her wrist, "And it is sharing the pain all the way up to here", pointing to the middle of her arm) Shortly after I arranged for the sitter to come, James was playing with Megan in her swing and ended up knocking that on the floor. (No more swing on the table) It landed in a good position and Megan had no negative effects.

So I took Laura to the ER (and Megan too, so as not to overwhelm the babysitter) and fortunately there was no visible break. They said they treat it the same way, however, so Laura has a beautiful gray splint on her right arm. She is happy to wear it, and it gets her out of a lot of the writing portion of her homeschool work this week.

Today we made it through just fine. James' nose is a bit swollen, Laura needs her brace on because it is painful when it is off for her. But Megan and Jack are just fine.

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