Saturday, August 1, 2009

Trying to Schedule and Organize Homeschool

Over on the Sonlight boards (which I frequent almost daily) there is a thread on sharing your schedules. I know everyone must handle their IG differently. I really messed myself up this year by starting with Core 1 before realizing that Core K was the better choice for us. I retained my Core 1 Science, but didn't start until a few weeks later when the IG (which was delayed) arrived.I love the Core 1 Bible so I stuck to that.Plus we have a few other things added in.

Basically, that removed any chance of operating off of a cute little IG, and I had to find a different solution.Here is what I do:I obtained a blank schedule from:

This website is jam packed full of resources for homeschooling and beyond. On that blank template I pencil in the plan for the week. I typically have about 3 weeks filled out at a time.The pencil is handy because some days my son will forge ahead into more math pages, other days we will skip a chapter in the read alouds because I a baby woke up or we need to go to the pool with some friends. I just erase and add it to another day.We are about 6 weeks into homeschooling, but in various different spots in the IGs. So I wanted a way to make the schedule more permanent, in case years from now we have to prove what we did our first year of homeschooling.

While I love the working template from , I needed more space for my permanent copy. So I found another great template on a different website:

The schedule lets you list the books you used, and fill in the blanks. She also has a generous space for notes. The best part is you can basically do the copy and paste thing and most of your hard work is done.

Unfortunately I am not computer savvy enough to figure out how to post it here, so if you want to see it leave a comment in the comment section, or you can zip over to my yahoo group and join. I have it stored under the files there.

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