Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Okay, so I am a day late . . .but I had to share in the NOT ME MONDAYNESS going on over at Jennifer McKinney's blog (Stellan's mom)

There are probably a lot but I'll only discuss last night!

When faced with a soccer practice that was to start in 90 minutes and a son that had too-small soccer cleats . . . I most certainly did not contemplate (and just about attempt) to color the pink stripes on my daughter's old soccer cleats black so that my son could use them (instead made a run to the sports store on the way to practice . . .) I would never think of doing such a thing to my son! (fear not, he is now the proud owner of some black and red nike soccer cleats)

And of course, I DID NOT forget to pack that son's soccer ball and water bottle. Nope, I ALWAYS pack up all that is needed for my children's activities the night before so that we are never unprepared. No one would ever make their son practice in 90 some degree heat in GA without a water bottle (situation mended by trip to Sonic after practice for a round of rootbeer floats)

and I didn't let my daughter sit at a picnic table during my son's practice and allow her to talk the ear off of a nice gentleman (who was the dad of one of her Kindergarten classmates) for the entire 45 minute soccer practice. I would never want to miss all that talking!

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