Tuesday, August 18, 2009

God's strength

I can't recall a time when I have been stretched further and thinner than these last few weeks. I have never felt so humbled . . .as God constantly calls me to rely on His strength, His wisdom, His grace. God has proved himself faithful, minute ...by minute . . .hour by hour . . .and I will praise His name.

I posted the above comment on my facebook page. I have a lot on my plate. I know some people have more, some people have less. Some have a lot more with a lot less support than I have. With my husband deployed, my kids just being kids, my job actually calling me into work, an activity to go to Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thursday nights, homeschooling, and stuff like laundry I am stretched a bit thin. Added to it the challenges ahead of me as our church works through the One Month to Live book and a new role that I am serving in at church . . . I found myself crying out to God. . . ."I just can't do it all" to which he responded . . . as you can guess . . . "that's right, you can't. I can."

So my night ended with my OMTL devotional, some paperwork for a skills day at work this week, and then began with an early wake up call by some of the smaller members of my family.

And I used the time, not to take care of the dishes in the sink . . . but to pray.

1. I prayed for the "attitudes" that have been surfacing in my house since John has been gone. The worst offender was me . . . and I asked God to work on my heart that I may set the example and that the kids would come around.

2. I prayed for confidence in my new role in church which proved to be a bigger challenge than I had originally anticipated. Just another opportunity to grow.

3. I prayed for my husband, for his safety and for his activities today.

4. I prayed for strength and patience, and I prayed for transparency to share the work God has been doing on my heart with others.

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