Friday, November 6, 2009

Adventures in Breadmaking 2

So the breadmaking journey continues. I must say, I love it. I get mixed reviews from the family. Sometimes they say they love it and it is the most wonderful bread in the world. Other times they say, "Not THAT bread", but then eat it and enjoy it.

As far as the actual breadmaking, this has made all the difference:


I purchased the Classic model, and it does the job, but it seems like it struggles a bit in the ending stages of the mixing and kneading. I would have to recommend a mixer that is slightly more powerful, but this does the job, and also whips up a double batch of chocolate chip cookie dough in a flash. Love the limited cleanup!

Well, back to bread. I am never quite sure how long to let my bread rise, but I think I pulled it off this time. I also read directions on how to shape the loaf which helped out tremendously. I actually pulled bread out of the oven that looked like a loaf of bread.

My next post about breadmaking will include a list of all the links for the products I use that are helpful. Stay tuned!

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  1. Great job on the breadmaking adventure. Paul's mom and dad had a farm market with a bakery and she made her own bread. A couple of things. I usually stick my bread, in the bowl, on the stove where it is generally warmer. Watch out for placing it near vents--ours are in the ceiling and one is right over the sink so it creates a draft for rising bread, not so good. Then, after you have gotten it all nice and kneaded--which the kitchen aid does wonderfully well, tuck the ends under before putting in the pan. This will help give it the "rounded" top. I have a classic KA and have found that you really can't do a recipe with more than 8-10 cups of flour in it. 10 is really pushing it. It does sound like it bogs down but it still works great! And finally, I never wanted a bread machine cause I wouldn't let it cook in there. Then I got one for Christmas one year and now I do the quick 1 hour loaf lots. I LOVE IT! I don't ever use my KA for making bread anymore. Still use it, won't give it away, and want one that raises and lowers instead of screws in, but I don't use it for bread anymore.
    Have fun experimenting. I have lots of recipes--some from my mil's farm bakery--if you get adventerous. None are real hard and they taste soooooo good.