Monday, November 9, 2009

My Easily Distracted Life

So there I was, sitting on the living room floor, looking through some new Weight Watchers Cookbooks that I got a garage sale this weekend. Some of my family members are following the program, and since they will be visiting in a few weeks (woo hoo) I thought I could make meals from there and they could stay on program. (I was on the floor so I could let the babies crawl all over me while I am doing this job

So I went to eamil my SIL to tell her about that, but then there was an email from my husband about library books that need to be returned.

As I am still sitting a the computer I hear Laura and Jack say something like "We're going to take James out front to play" 15 seconds later when I process that through my brain (It sometimes operated on a delay) I jump up, run outside and reclaim the 18 month old, explaining to the kids that they cannot be responsible for their baby brother outside. And lock the door so he can't sneak out.

So I bring James back inside and find the pantry door open with 6 packets of instant oatmeal (Thankfully still unopened) on the floor, along with a Wii Remote, the broom and dustpan on the floor, and a few Leap Frog fridge letter magnets on the floor. Hmmmm, what has the baby been up to?

So after a quick lesson on how to put the magnets back on the fridge I pick up the oatmeal packets, sweep some extra magnets toward him, replace the the broom to the closet, and take the Wii Remote back to the box under the TV (Where it belongs) and then see my cookbooks on the floor.


Now what was I going to do? Oh, yeah, email my sister in law about the cookbooks.


  1. Right there with you, honey. I've only got 2, and they can get me so frazzled I can't finish a thought, much less a sentence, much much less a blog post! :) PS--how thoughtful of you to include WW dishes for your family to help them stay on program. So sweet.

  2. Now I know the whole story that went on before I got your email! Very funny story!

    PS: We picked up some WW cookbooks at our last meeting. I think someone said that they have a WW green bean casserole dish that I'm going to search for!