Monday, November 2, 2009

Reformation Day

My friend Abbie, her husband, and their crew of 5 children hosted a Reformation Day Party for Halloween night. Given that Martin Luther chose the night before All Saints Day to post his 95 theses, we figured it would be fun to celebrate that. It helped out my kids, since they are generally frightened by many halloween decorations and most constumes that the older kids wear when trick or treating.

Jack was sick with a fever, so he stayed home and handed out candy with daddy (actually, they shut off the lights, and cuddled on the couch watching college football, but shhhhhhh)
The three other children had a great time.

What does one do at a Reformation Day party? Well, during a wonderful dinner of chicken and coleslay (no doubt authentic Reformation Day faire) you can watch a video of Martin Luther's life (pay attention, there may be a pop quiz later for candy)

Here are the older girls in their costumes:

Then there is the game that Abbie and Mark created called "Grab the indulgences" Which basically involves moving the living room furniture around so that you can throw a bag of candy on the floor and see who can get to it first.

Josiah jumped the gun and got his indulgences first . . .with a great slide!

Or "Pin the Theses on the Door", very similar to pin the tail on the donkey, without the donkey.

There were other fun moments of the night, which mostly involved having so many kids in one house at one time, and some adorable "baby moments"

Like James finding different ways to modify his pumpkin costume:

It was a grand time. Thanks for having us!

And here is the link to my friend's blog where you can see her kids' awesome costumes!

And another link of the activities

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