Thursday, November 5, 2009


We have always had a TV. I like TV. We never really felt the need to restrict time on TV, and our children have not had difficulty limiting their viewing to the shows that we had approved.

Lately though, the kids seem to be turning to TV when they are bored. And hearing the TV now for some reasons produces stress for me. (I can feel my body stressing when I hear it turn on)

Our friends' TV broke (or died, or something in the middle of that) So they have their computer, and a small TV in the parental bedroom. And they are doing fine. I know several people who survive with very little - no TV.

Laura asked me the other day, "Mom, do you think we could go without the TV?" I told her that I am sure we could. Today, we are. They watched their Jelly Telly. And I must confess we are easing the transition by watching a Netflix movie Horton Hears a Who. But we are done with our schooling, have done a few chores, and one of the two children is worn out and relaxing while he watches it.

So, hopefully, this will be a start of something better for us during the day.

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